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Without /k, schtasks does not start the program again after it reaches the time specified by /et or /du, but it does not stop the program if it is still running.

For an example, see: varies with the locale selected for the local computer in Regional and Language Options in Control Panel. The valid date formats are listed in the following table.

To see the combined syntax for creating tasks or to see the syntax for creating a task with a particular schedule type, click one of the following options. Use quotation marks to enclose names that include spaces.

Specifies the program or command that the task runs.

Type the fully qualified path and file name of an executable file, script file, or batch file. If you omit the path, schtasks assumes that the file is in the Schedules a task on the specified remote computer.

Type the name or IP address of a remote computer (with or without backslashes). The /u and /p parameters are valid only when you use /s.

Schedules commands and programs to run periodically or at a specific time.

Adds and removes tasks from the schedule, starts and stops tasks on demand, and displays and changes scheduled tasks.

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The user account must be a member of the Administrators group on the remote computer.If either /ET or /DU is specified, then the repetition interval defaults to 10 minutes. After the specified end time, schtasks does not start the task again until the start time recurs. This parameter is optional and valid only with a MINUTE or HOURLY schedule. After the specified time elapses, schtasks does not start the task again until the start time recurs.