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Those who settled for a denomination not quite as heavy arrived in the lower to middle four-digit range. Here are a few examples: Of course, the great rarities featuring interesting depictions were particularly popular. Hammer price: 75,000,- GBP Lot 226: BRANDENBURG-FRANCONIA. Made of Westphalian gold produced at Brilon in 1696. Made of metal mined from the Ferdinand Mine at Schemnitz.

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University Theatre productions provide students, faculty, staff and the community at large an enriching experience through the dynamics of live theatre.At his time, Pogge ranged among the most famous coin collectors in young Germany. Hammer price: 75,000,- GBP Lot 114: BRUNSWICK -BEVERN. Löser of 4 reichthaler 1670, Clausthal, on the death of his son Leopold Charles.