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08-Jul-2017 11:54

I maintained a facade: a good job, lots of friends, a gym membership.But I knew I wasn't okay, and felt that keeping my inner trauma a secret was going to make me explode like a shaken pop can.The majority are Black women, and most are having hetero sex, just like me.I fall right in the middle of the most common age range, too: 67 per cent of women who newly contract HIV are between 20 and 39.Six years ago, I walked out of the immunodeficiency clinic at Toronto General Hospital terrified, sent off with a big spiral-bound book on living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario.I hid it under my mattress to make sure my roommates didn't find it.How can we end HIV/AIDS in Toronto when the most at-risk group of women seem to have so few resources dedicated to their needs?My doctor has been my greatest ally outside of my close friends and family, and I'm forever grateful to her for being a proactive caregiver.

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I was really hoping to connect with one group in particular that was set up to help people living with HIV/AIDS. All I wanted was some information to consider anonymously.He had a young daughter from a previous relationship, and in my mind I'd deprived her of a healthy dad by not getting tested for HIV beforehand.